How We Work

Need delivery or courier services? This is what we do.

Your Best Choice For Transportation Services In Your Area

Arrow Express is Arizona’s Best Choice for delivery service. Our commitment to our customers shows in the meticulous way we handle your documents or freight. We will make the extra phone calls to arrange a pick up or delivery and to keep you informed of when your shipment will arrive.

Just give us a call and we will pick up and delivery your documents or freight anywhere in Metro Phoenix and most of Northern Arizona. Or open an account and use our booking system on this website.

If speed is the utmost consideration, we can handle your delivery as a ‘Hot Shot.’ Your package gets the very fastest delivery because we go directly between the shipper and consignee with no stops in between.

For a more economical option, we will work your delivery in with our other customers. We offer same-day service to much of the state and the rest is delivered the next business day.

Providing Delivery Service to Many Arizona Locations

We provide delivery and courier services to many parts of Arizona – please click the button to see if we deliver in your area.

Client Testimonials

I’d like to revisit discussing Hughes Supply using Arrow Express for our deliveries in the Verde Valley.

I believe that if our two companies partnered up, it would give each of us more time doing what we respectively do best. I’m very impressed with Arrow Express and want more of it.

Daniel O'Neil

Hughes Supply of Cottonwood

Randy and his drivers are a pleasure to work with. We've been using Arrow Express for quite some time now and they've proven to be invaluable. Always taking great care of our shipping and receiving needs without any issues. Shipments are delivered on time and communication with Randy is always clear and he's quick to reply. Their pricing is very reasonable as well so we use them whenever possible. I hope to continue this business partnership for many years to come. Thanks Randy!

Ruth Austin

Arrow Express has been providing outstanding service to Bent River Machine Inc. for over eight years. We appreciate their commitment and dedication to servicing & scheduling in helping us meet our demanding delivery goals.

Gina Majewski

Bent River Machine Inc.